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Weekly Prayer Items - January 21-27, 2018
GBC Family of the Week: Marjorie Thompson

MBA Church of the Week: Mission Baptist Church, Winnipeg MB
Pastor Sig Seidel

Missionary of the Week: Shan Reed; NAB Missionary; Japan. Shan Reed has been serving as a long-term missionary in Japan since 2001. For the past six years, she has been an integral part of the Komyo Christian Church family, which she helped plant with Paul and Melissa Ewing. She is currently on home assignment, spending much needed time with family and visiting friends and supporting churches across North America. Pray for her travels as she visits churches, and pray for times of rest and recuperation. Pray as well for the ministry of the Ewings and Komyo while Shan is away. For more information, visit www.nabonmission.org/missionaries/shan-reed.

Pray for the Persecuted Church: Tanzania
A young boy who is one of only two Christians at his school in Zanzibar has been punished by teachers and bullied by students because of his faith. One day a group of Muslim boys locked him in an outhouse for several hours, and another day they held him down and forced him to drink urine. The Muslim boys were never punished. This boy’s experience reflects a growing trend of persecution targeting Christian youth. All schools in Zanzibar, including private Christian schools, are required to teach Arabic and Islamic studies, and students cannot graduate without passing exams in those subjects. Teachers are encouraged to discipline Christian students harshly and rebuke their beliefs. Pray that this Christian boy and all Christian youth in Zanzibar will grow stronger in faith, and also pray for their protection.

Please continue to pray for the Search Committee as they continue their search for a permanent pastor at GBC. Pray that God will be preparing the person that we need.

Yuri Nakano - Japan
Praise God that art has been useful in sharing the love of Jesus. Praise God for God's work through a season of conferences. Pray for the ongoing outreach to the local community center and to the local senior's home. Also pray for my only niece (10 years old) who had open heart surgery on January 2. Please pray for a quick recovery.
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