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Weekly Prayer Items - July 16-22, 2017
GBC Family of the Week: Dennis, Jodi, Joshua, Isaac, Sam, and Hannah Ginter

MBA Church of the Week: Waverley Church, Winnipeg
Pastors: Tony Penner, Thomas Pujol, Jeremy Yuen

Missionary of the Week:

Pray for the Persecuted Church:
On May 13, Eritrean security forces arrested 45 believers during a house-to-house search specifically targeting evangelical Christians in the town of Adi Quala. All of the Christians, including children, elderly men and a disabled woman, were taken to a nearby village. A Christian who tried to bring food to the group was himself arrested, and all are now being held without charge. During the month of May alone, 122 Christians have been arrested in Eritrea. All have been members of unregistered churches; only Catholic, Lutheran and Orthodox Christian churches are legal in Eritrea.

Please join us in prayer for the next pastor of GBC, and that God will be preparing the person that we need. Pray as well for the search committee, and that we will be sensitive to God’s leading.

Nick and Iris, East Asia. Pr**se G*d that many people are coming to know of Chr*st's love in East Asia. Many new ministries are arising as the congregation continues to grow. Pr**se G*d for the 17 people who were baptized at Easter. Please pr*y for the ch**ch and ministries in East Asia as Nick and Iris are on home assignment. Pr*y for the leaders who continue to grow as followers of Chr*st. Pr*y for Nick and Iris as they travel and visit ch**ches and supporters. Pr*y that they would experience rest and refreshment. Pr*y for them as they move their home base from Ontario to Alberta.
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