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After the First World War and the collapse of the German economy, the German Baptist Church began to look at helping their people by assisting them to immigrate to Canada. In 1927, some of the people in that small church made a decision, on faith, to come to a new country in order to make a new life for themselves. About half of the members of that small church sold what they had for a one way ticket to a new life. They could not afford a return ticket. They packed what few belongings they had, boarded a ship for a ten day voyage across the Atlantic, then took a ten day rail trip from Halifax to Ste. Rose. They settled in the areas of Ste. Rose, Ochre River, and Makinak. They settled on previously occupied "Soldier Settlement" farms through negotiations by E. P. Wahl, appointed by the North American Baptist Mission Board and Mr. Sanderson, Immigration Officer of the Soldier Settlement Board. Four or five years before this, Canadian soldiers had left these farms, and no one had lived on them since then.

In June of 1927 these new Canadians officially organized as a church as a mission outreach of McDermot Avenue Baptist Church in Winnipeg, through the leadership of Rev. Luebeck and Rev. Bloedow. This church became known as the Ste. Rose Baptist Church. This was changed in the 1950's as it is now known as Grace Baptist Church. It began with a membership of 53. The first officers included: Deacons - R. Meyerhoff and C. Lange; Secretary Treasurer - H. Sturhahn, Sunday School Superintendent - A. Blessin. More immigrants arrived in 1928-29 and settled here through private negotiations.

In 1930 under the leadership of Rev. Luebeck and Rev. Kaiser, this church was reorganized and was officially recognized as a member of the North American Baptist Conference. Elected officers were as follows: Deacons - R. Meyerhoff and Heinriche Amman; Secretary - Fred DeVries; Treasurer - Ippe Voss; Sunday School Superintendent - E. Wentland.

During the first 13 years, the congregation met for worship in the Turtle River School house, approximately two miles north of the current location. The place was kept warm in winter with a wood heater. It was very rare that anyone failed to attend, and when seating space was lacking, the men brought in blocks of fire wood to sit on.

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