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Weekly Prayer Items - December 24-30, 2017
GBC Family of the Week: Bertha Smith

MBA Church of the Week: Fort Richmond Baptist Church, Winnipeg MB
Pastor Jim Mathew

Missionary of the Week: Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin, Cameroon. Since their first trip to West Africa nine years ago with their entire family, Jeff and Sonya Kilmartin have fostered a connection with some of the Fulbe people in Nigeria. Having just arrived back in Africa, where Jeff is teaching at the seminary in Ndu and Sonya is teaching English classes, they have spent the last couple of months finding their footing and reacquainting themselves with the way of life in Africa. Pray for the continued relationships with the Fulbe friends and villages they visited at the beginning of the month. Pray for Jeff and Sonya as they make their way through this first holiday season without their children or other family close by. For more information, visit nabonmission.org/missionaries/jeff-sonya-kilmartin or check out their blog at kilmartinblog.wordpress.com.

Pray for the Persecuted Church: China
Chinese police have repeatedly harassed a house church pastor in recent months, pressuring him to join the state-run Three Self Church. On Nov. 9, security officials arrested Pastor Li Wanhua at his home and took him in for interrogation. They confiscated his Bible and a book of poetry, threatening to ban his house church if it did not stop meeting. In June, Pastor Li was detained for three days after being accused of “organizing cult organizations to undermine law enforcement,” and authorities confiscated 12 Bibles and 48 songbooks from the church. Pray for Pastor Li’s faith and boldness, and pray that the house church will be able to continue meeting.

Please continue to pray for the Search Committee as they continue their search for a permanent pastor at GBC. Pray that God will be preparing the person that we need.

Gary Clatterbuck - Russia/Ukraine
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